Things to know before using Weighted Vest for Calisthenics

Calisthenics is one of the most popular workout strategies, the gym workouts hold the top place. Every gym freak or workout enthusiasts are trying different strategies and styles to improve their body, muscles, and quality of life. The benefits of these activities increase every year.

The process of building strong muscles and improving bodyweight involves various tools and ideas. One of the effective and most recent is to get a weighted vest.

In the past, these weighted vests are only used by the soldiers and marine officers, it has now been integrated into different workouts especially for Crossfit and Calisthenics.

The bodybuilders intensify their training with the use of a weighted vest for various exercises.

Let’s look into factors to consider when choosing the weighted vest for Calisthenics.

Weighted Vests and Calisthenics

Before you choose the weighted vest, there are some precautions that you should take. If you are a beginner who just started doing Calisthenics, you can’t use a weighted vest until you can do around 20 pushups, 15 pullups, and 20 squats easily. If you are able to do all these exercises with comfort and in good form, you are now ready to add weighted vest in your workouts.

There are two basic things to look for when buying a weighted vest for calisthenics.


Most people have these as their requirement especially for cardio exercises like running and jogging.  You will need a weighted vest that can hold a sufficient amount of evenly distributed weight.

Weight Range

The weighted vest available now is having different weight variations. They are designed to allow adding and removing the weight as you fit and snug to it. Meaning, you can use the same vest for 10kg and 40kg weight.


You can get these weighted vests from various colors and styles varying from ‘X’ style to the one bulky ‘Bulletproof Armour’ style of vests.

Some users may not like a specific style because of comfort or fitting problems. This can differ based on the body type of the user and also the product quality.


Durability is important for any product you buy especially for your body and health. You have to pick the vest that is sure to last long. Cheaper comes with so many risks. As you invest for your health, always choose products of great quality and made of strong materials.

Calisthenics is a challenging yet fun exercise, with the perfect weight vest, you can bring you workouts to the level.

Finding something that comes under your budget and fit your requirements is not easy especially if it is about workout and bodybuilding. All you have to do is figure out the best model which works great for you and gets the job done.

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