How Weighted Vests Improve Bone Health

Exercising with weights works best for diminishing bone loss. Weighted vests increase bone density and improve activities like running, Crossfit, and many more. You can work out with high loads of weight to elevate the level of your workout. A weighted vest intensifies weight-lifting exercises.

With so many models available out there, you can pick the best weight vest for Osteoporosis. Start exercising with the vests to improve muscle strength and bone health.

Weighted vests have multiple pockets in which you can add and remove the weights based on your liking. Studies confirmed that doing activities like jumping, jogging, walking and any other resistance exercises by wearing a weighted vest that weighs up to 4% to 10% of the body weight can improve bone health and stabilize bone density; it also improves overall body balance.

Some people believe that weighted vest comes with many risks. There is no evidence to support that claim. The data we’ve collected shows that weighted vest is beneficial to attain stronger bones and muscle build-up.

Benefits of Weighted Vest in Bone Health

A 5-year study shows that using a weighted vest can provide long term bone density stability. They have tested 9 women who decided to use a weighted vest with exercise programs. The women did up and down jumping on an average of 4 inches for 3 times a week, a totally of 52 times for almost 5 years. They compared these 9 women with other women who did not integrate weighted vests in their activities. The bone density in their hips was stable, but there is a 3-4% loss in the bone density to those who did not participate.

A 12-week study shows that weighted vest improves leg strength. The volunteers participated in exercising 3 times a week using fitness machines while using a weighted vest.

Improving body balance is the most significant benefit of using weighted vests while exercising. In a 6-week study, it was proved that balance is improved. The participants worked on a treadmill with a weighted vest. They found that there is a slight reduction in bone loss which is measured by the chemical markers in the blood.

Things you should know if you try a weighted vest

Before you buy a weighted vest, always check its comfortability. If the vest is unstable, you will lose balance.

Weighted vests you chose should not weigh above 10% of your body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds, you can’t use weighted vests that exceed 15 pounds. 

You may get the worst back and joint problems when you start using the weighted vests. Start with less weight and increase it gradually.

Stop if you have severe problems and don’t resume until you feel comfortable. After the break, start with lower weights.

Weighted vests have proved its ability to improve strength, bone health, and overall body balance. But it is a must to ensure whether you are ready to work out with weights. Test yourself and find if you can work out with an extra weight with your own resistance. If you are satisfied with it, get the best weight vest and improve your health.

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