Top 10 Best Weighted Vests for Calisthenics (2019 Reviews)

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Are you planning to take your workout routine to the next level or simply wanted to improve your posture, lifestyle or be physically and mentally healthy? Weighted Vest is the key to your needs. Check out our list of the top 10 weighted vest for calisthenics of 2019 and get amazing discount on selected items!

Over the years, exercise routines and strategies to attain good body have been reinvented as to innovations on fitness equipment. One of the ways to attain it is by doing calisthenics exercise. Calisthenics alone can be very difficult especially for beginners. Balancing your own body weight can be strenuous but despite all the hardship that you have to go through to reach you goals, all of it promises good results.

Physical exercises that may integrate the use of Weighted Vests:

– Push up (inclined/declined)

– Pull up

– Cycling

– Crunches and sit-ups

– Weight lifting

– Cross-fit training and many more

What is a weighted vest?

Weighted vest is unique fitness equipment worn on the torso which could be loaded with sand or iron bars into its pockets. It was uses for military training back in the day to improve strength, endurance and agility.

Weighted vests aren’t only for athletes but for everyone else even kids. It could be used in the gym, office, outdoors and even at home while doing household chores. Before that there are things to consider before using weighted vest for calisthenics. You have to test your body and ensure that your body is ready to work with added weight.

Best Overall Weighted Vest For Calisthenics

(Fitnessyearbook #1 Choice)

  • Adjustable
  • Removable weights
  • Ranges 40-150 pounds
  • Unisex use

Table: Top 10 Best Weighted Vest For Calisthenics

How We Chose Our Best Weighted Vest For Calisthenics
How To Choose The Best Weighted Vest For Calisthenics

Best Weighted Vests For Calisthenics - 10 Products Reviewed

CAP Barbell is a leading manufacturer in distributing various fitness equipment and accessories. The brand is completely dedicated and fall in designing the fitness tools with ergonomic design and affordable prices. All their products are tested by the experts accurately. They are designing all the products with quality and perfection.

Product Specifications:

Materials: Nylon and Polyester
Width: 14.00
Height: 1.00
Depth: 44.00
Weight: 40 pounds
HHWV Sizes: 40lbs, 60lbs, 70lbs, 80lbs, 100lbs, 120lbs, 150lbs
Color: Black

[5 / 5]


  • Fits for all
  • Safety
  • Adjustable


  • Much tight

Obviously, CAP Weighted Vest is one the top and leading high-quality fitness equipment manufactured by this well-known brand.

This versatile weight vest can add new challenges to your daily workouts. You get enough resistance to your cardio workout and all other exercises using the weighted vest. The vest can work great for both men and women. This weighted vest can adjustable to add more weight variations. 

This weighted vest has two different weights such as 20lb and 50 lb. As it has versatile design and features, you can add this vest to any of your daily or routine workouts. For example: jogging, running, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and any other forms of resistance workouts.

Cap Barbell Adjustable vest is quite simple and includes a loop and a velcro patch, it is really easy to set up and offers a perfect fit.

This great fitness vest has a heavy-duty design which offers a classy look and feel as you wear it. It has breathable and durable mesh materials in its constructions to offer great comfort and adjust with your body shape. The neoprene padding in the entire vest offers more comfort and ease of use. So you don’t get the feel of wearing a bulky junk in your chest.

Adding extra load to your body while exercising requires additional strength and oxygen since you start wearing a weighted vest, your body muscles get adapted to work with more weight; it develops high endurance and muscular strength. 

Other than this, using this adjustable weighted vest for calisthenics will improve the load transmitted through the bones so as to result, the bone mass and bone health will have improved.

Customer Reviews1

If we could come up with one line of criticism about Cap Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest, it is way too big for the average person.

Are you looking to build strong muscles and turn your own body as a professional training gym? The MIR Adjustable weighted vest is a great choice to go with. This weighted vest can support up to 90 pounds of added weight. So you can add this in your leg and core workout sessions to challenge yourself.

Product Specifications:

Length: 11”
Weight: 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60lb
Color: Black

[4.9 / 5]


  • Comfortable
  • Fits to all
  • Long lifetime


  • Hard to breathe

You can adjust the weights with 3-pound increments. So you can gradually increase the weights as you improve your resistance and strength. Also, this weighted is bulky for sprints, Crossfit or distance running and some muscle-building exercises.

MIR is a completely adjustable weighted vest that will not limit your movements. This weighted vest is 11 inches long. It has two velcro straps and four D rings to fit the vest to your chest and offers flexible movements throughout your workout. It creates a customized and snugly fit but still, you can access the full range of actions on your neck, shoulders, and torso.

The weighted vest has different weight variations ranging from 20 lbs to 60 lbs. You can add or remove the weights based on your fit where each weight pack weighs 3 pounds. It is a bit hard to remove weights from vest for the first time. Also, there are no detailed instructions to set up this weighted vest.

This MIR weighted vest is fully adjustable and it comfortably fits in place while you jump and move around. You can add it in your running also.

MIR added a special feature to its product for the purpose of weight loss. The weights of the vest are placed high on the torso to secure the stomach pounding when you run and it is sensitive to the entire body while doing workouts. The weighted vest is made from heavy-duty 1200D reinforced nylon materials. It features double padded shoulders and has mesh venting inside for better comfort and breathability.

The vest has two adjustable straps that can be adjusted underneath. With this and sliding the velcro straps up and down through D-rings, you can adjust the body length of the vest easily. To adjust the weight added to the vest, just remove or change the weights from the packets which hold weights using durable velcro closures.

Customer Reviews2

We noticed that people who have lightly thick neck feel that this weighted vest is a bit too snug around the neck.

A weighted vest made in USA of top quality with a lifetime warranty; Weightvest.com has been manufacturing weighted vests since 1981. Their expertise and commitment to provide quality products landed them in the 3rd place on our list.

Product Specifications:

Materials: Military Grade (Top-of-the-line)
Weights: 2.5lb, Cast iron x 10
Width: 11”
Length: 11.5”
Add-ons: 2” Velcro belt

[4.8 / 5]


  • Many choices
  • Secure material
  • It has durability


  • There is no storage

The professional team of V-Form designs products for both men and women of the highest quality. Their fitness vest products were featured in magazines even back in the 80s and 90 which is a living proof for the product quality and the dedication of the V-force team.

This V-force vest is a comfortable fit for people who have a medium built body. This weighted vest is made from military-grade materials so it will long last for years.

It has many colors and many choices compared to others. It distributes an equal amount of weight to both the front and back. It protects the shoulder area.

Most of the customers have shown their positive comments about this vest on the internet. This vest is ideal for any weightlifting exercises and activities. The shoulder of the vest is bi smaller for large build users. So it could be better if it has a wider shoulder.

V-Force Weighted vest is specially designed for general fitness, weight loss, calisthenics and strength building.  

This type of vest keeps the weight off your stomach to allow more movement and bending during cross fit and gym exercise. It comes in 2 designs with a multi-layer pocket backing for maximum weight support. Now you can burn those stubborn fats faster!

V Force Weight Vest

It is suitable for men more than women due to their fit and size. It is Difficult to wear.

Sandbag packets vs. Metal weights

Safety is always a top priority when buying any other fitness equipment. Different kinds of exercises and workout require different types of weighted vests. If your workout requires more movement such as jogging or running whether outdoors or on a treadmill, it is advised to use the sandbag packet weights. Stability is guaranteed on the vests with sand packets, which are safer to use. 

The sand in the weights seem to follow the shape of the body unlike steel packets could cause a bit of a pain especially when exercising in a fast pace. Products like Hyperwear and ZFOsports create weight vest products that uses sandbags. Check out the products below!

Top tier weighted vest for music lovers at a low price. The ZFOsports weighted vest comes with premium features such as pockets for gadgets which music lovers would love.

Product Specifications:

Type: one size fits most
Available weight: 20lbs, 40lbs, 60lbs, 80lbs
Added feature: Pocket for phone/music devices

[4.8 / 5]


  • Suitable to all
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to adjust weight


  • Looks hard and large

It also comes with a water bottle holder perfect for on-the-go athletes and gym goers. A one-size-fit-all type of weighted vest. Available in black and arctic design. Weight limit is up to 60-pounds. The vest promises you quick results and reach your desired physique fast!

This is the product that even women would love. The velcro feature makes it easier to fit. No padding is needed with this vest makes it comfortable to use during arm and shoulder exercises.

It is suitable for outdoor workouts like running,joggings, squats, lunges, etc. It has a storage area for storing mobile water bottles etc.

Drawbacks on the items are being bulky on 80 pounds which makes it a bit awkward to use. There are no instructions on the package, so you would need help from a friend or Youtube when assembling this weighted vest on that matter.

With the flexibility offered by this weighted vest, you can do various resistance exercises and muscle-building activities. If you wear this vest for running, you can load the vest with 10lbs weights so it won’t be heavy and allow you to run faster.

Add 40lbs weights to the vest for squat training. For walking also this weight is appropriate. This vest can be added for your hiking and climbing schedules also. There are no limitations for the uses so be creative and use it effectively.

Expected to last for a very long that with its high-quality materials. Recommended for everyone of any size or body built. This type of vest distributes the weights perfectly on the torso.

The strips are difficult to adjust. It has a very large outlook and also has a bad smell out of the box. A little bit difficult to adding extra weights.

If you are trying to avoid wearing a bulky weight vest during training, Hyperwear Hyper Vest Elite is the right vest for you. The slim design gives you more movement during calisthenic workout.

Product Specifications:

Weight Capacity: Small 15lbs, Medium 20 lbs, Large 20lbs, Extra Large 25lbs
Special feature: Reflective Flexible side lacing; Odor resistant

[4.7 / 5]


  • Different sizes
  • Machine washable
  • Unique Design


  • Adding extra weight

With its design fit to hug your body and keeps the weight off your shoulder, Hyperwear gives you more balance and control during workout. It is the thin but durable weight vest with galvanized steel weights, tough Cordura fabric and a reflective YKK zipper. The best weighted vest for all genders.

Hyperwear invented the SandBell to avoid injuries and damages during workout with traditional metal weights. This feature allows the weighted vest to withstand even the toughest workout.

It is also suitable for hiking, rock climbing and all kinds of workout like weight lifting, badminton and other sports.

If you are more on working on your balance, posture and weight lifting, buy this product. Like other weight vest products, this vest distributes the weight perfectly to the user’s body. The best vest for athletes on a budget.

Though the product only costs less than a hundred dollars, the quality is great. The only drawback is that removable sandbags which should have been made with better quality. Some customer would say that they’ve been seen the dust from the weights after a workout.

The dust could be troublesome to clean after it’s been soaked in sweat and dried out since most athletes and gym-goers don’t usually do soap & water cleaning after use.

It was a little expensive compared to the other products because of it’s quality.

Mir proved to be one of the best products in the physical fitness equipment. Having 2 products on the list gives them an edge on the market. Mir has innovated their designs for customers who are not in to traditional bulky weighted vest. Slim type vests allow more movements weighing only 16-pounds.

Product Specifications:

Type: One size fits all
Weights: Iron weight packets
Shoulders: 3” (narrow)
Add-ons: Warranty

[4.6 / 5]


  • Modernized construction
  • The weight is shared uniformly
  • Simple to polished


  • Difficult to harness system

A product which would be loved runners for its comfort and weight. The best part of this product is it provides comfort during breathing which allows you to finish your workout routine rather than straining your body too quickly and not finishing at all.

It is best recommended when avoiding the awkward looking bulky type of weighted vest. The comfort and ventilation the product gives to the user are spectacular allowing your skin to breathe more and lessens your chances of getting rashes and irritations.

It has more weight adjustments and flexible to wear. It was the sponsor of the Crossfit games in 2017.

It also uses iron weights which are preferred by users who had a bad experience with sandbags. You could even use it under your clothes. The vest uses stranded straps and fits both men and women alike. All weights are removable and positioned in a great way ensuring optimal comfort to its user.

It is more smooth around the neck area. The weights are difficult to remove. Heavy materials produce heat.

A weighted vest with a camouflage design at a very low price! If you love competitive team shooting sport and feel like a real soldier, then this is the right weight vest for you.

Product Specifications:

Type: One size fits all
Weights packets: 4lbs x 10
Length: 15”
Width: 13”
Add-ons: Warranty included

[4.5 / 5]


  • Great fitness
  • Improve your muscles
  • Varieties of weights


  • Lots of gap between shoulder and neck

Improve stamina and strength giving you the advantage you need in playing field during Airsoft games. You can simply use it with less weights which makes it perfect for beginners or if you are working on your cardiovascular endurance.

Cross101 is a sturdy one size fit all type of vest which comes in 13” width and 15” in length with plenty of room in the shoulders and uses adjustable belts instead of strings. This vest also gives the wearer the freedom to adjust each 4-pound increment which comes with the package. No need to pay for another fee for the weights.

It is not only focused on any particular area it makes the whole over body muscles strong and fit. It looks very compact and cool.

This is the perfect vest for pull-ups, push-ups, and lunges. The vest is crafted of good quality materials. Another perfect vest for thrifty buyers. With its price under $50, it would surely save you a lot of money.

Some reviews don’t recommend this product for running and jogging due to lack of padding on the shoulder area. Another drawback is the odor. The lack of airflow with its design makes it harder to remove the odor from the sweat even after washing it with soap and water.

It is uncomfortable when running because the weights can be move while running. The weights cannot be added.

Weighted Vests on Kids

Some children are born with conditions which affect their balance and posture which could cause major setbacks during school activities and sports events. Weighted vest products such as Aduro Sport Weighted Vest could correct these flaws at earlier stages of the children’s lives. We recommend getting advice from a physical therapist or physician before purchasing any weighted vests for kids.

Study shows that kids with autism are treated with a weighted vest. The hugging effect on the child could give a soothing effect and extra comfort which calms him/her down.

The weighted vest on sale! Aduro promises comfort with their product which gives the wearer a great feel with its perfect weight distribution. The perfect weight distribution is safety feat to avoid injuries during workout. This vest uses small sand packets instead of traditional steel-packet weights.

Product Specifications:

Add-ons: Lifetime Limited Warranty
Weights: 4, 6, 12, 20, and 25lbs
Material: Neoprene

[4.5 / 5]


  • Have multiple choice
  • Comfortable
  • Contains storage pockets


  • Difficult to remove weights

Aduro is a fast-growing company which does not only focus on tech products but also creates products for sports and outdoor fitness tools. They make products that do not limit its users to middle-aged men and women but also to kids and seniors.

If you check the Amazon website, you can see reviews from people of ages 60 and above and read comments on how they love the product. The drawback on this product is the slipping sand from the weight bags which is inconvenient especially to our seniors.

It has multiple choices based on your size. It makes it comfortable and containing storage pockets for storing things.

Imagine the burden that it would cause them trying to get rid of the sand from the vest. The weighted vest is also cheap and some people are worried about the vest’s quality. Some reviews predict that the vest won’t last for a year.

The strips are not enough to fit tightly. The weights can be difficult to remove.

Another one-size-fits-all weighted vest on the list the the RUNFast Max Pro. Notch up your workout routines with this product and boost your strength, agility and endurance.

Product Specifications:

Available weights: 12lbs, 20lbs, 40lbs, 50lbs, 60lbs
Size: One-size fits most
Vest weight: 10 pounds

[4.4 / 5]


  • Weights can be removed easily
  • Good warranty
  • Has more weights


  • Size is not suited for all

It is designed to fit different body types. Loved by customers for its versatility and durability. Perfect for jogging and running.  The RUNFast Max uses material of commercial grade unlike most of the top tier vest that uses military-grade.

It has more weight. The weights can be removed or added easily. It is flexible to use. The straps are easy to fit.

Despite the materials used, the reviews on the product are still great. Some people even use this product for water activities like rowing or dragon boat racing.

Straps fit perfectly for males but most women prefer a female of version for this product. The product also comes with its weights rather than buying them separately. Still has a great rating for a cheap price of under $50.

It is not suitable for all. Somebody feels uncomfortable to wear it. It has storage pockets but not suitable for large devices.

Instead of traditional metal weights. Available in 2 colors, Blue and Gray. A fitness vest which uses Velcro instead of belts and ropes. If you work on a 9-5 phase and planning to work out at night in the gym or outdoors, then this is the perfect weight vest for you.

Product Specifications:

Type: One size fit all.
Colors: Grey/Blue, Grey/Blue
Weights: 16 x .88lbs sand-filled weights
Special feature: flexible for variety of exercises

[4.3 / 5]


  • Multifunctional
  • Ease of clean
  • Suitable for all type of workouts


  • Not suitable for temporary trainers

Pro fitness added a reflective trim to the vests for safety purposes especially to joggers at night. Perfect weighted vest for women with its soft finish. You never have to worry about damaging you with its texture.

The ladies’ perfect weighted vest. Safety features, fit, quality and the price of this product made its way to the top 10 of our lists of best weighted vest for 2019.

It has reflective strims it helps at the night time. The straps are easy to adjust weights. It is best for cardio exercises.

If you wanted to give a special gift to a love one, your mom or you wife, then this weighted vest is absolutely perfect.

Show you love and compassion by giving it as a present. It would surely remind them that taking care of the upper body and back is of great importance.

Ladies are prone to scoliosis and osteoporosis and we could avoid that with the help of the weighted vest. The snugly feeling when wearing this product is the only drawback that I have read so far.

It is not suitable for permanent trainers. It has limited weight and size so not suitable for all and makes uncomfortable.

Why choose weighted vest?

There are a lot of fitness tools available in the market that enhances your calisthenic workout. Equipment such as workout mat, pads & gloves, gymnastic rings are a few to mention. But one primary equipment that we have to consider is the weighted vest. Weighted vest is a major upgrade on calisthenic workout. The heart, lungs and muscles are doubling its effort making you stronger inside and out.

Let us keep in mind that the importance of understanding the specifications of each vest can greatly affect us positively and negatively. For an instance, a substandard quality can cause injuries or damages. Our body is on the line when investing for fitness equipment such as the training vest. Also, we have to consider the time and place as well as the types of exercises where we choose to integrated the right weighted vests. 

The Benefits of a Perfect Weighted Vest

Before choosing the weighted vest for calisthenics, you must know what it is. Here is the YouTube Video that explains what is calisthenics and how bodyweight exercises help in building muscles.

Upright Posture

Working in-front of the computer for several hours tends to cause back pain unnoticeably. Slouching and bad sitting positions tend to strain our backs. Weight vests correct back posture. It broadens the shoulders and straightens the spine giving us good a posture and stance even when working.

Boost Agility

Adding weight vests to your cardio exercise or weightlifting workout intensifies your training. Speed, strength and endurance are improved through the use of weight vests. This practice is proved to be helpful during military training.

Improves balance

Weighted vests can strengthen upper body and correct some disorders which affect your balance. Your vests must perfectly fit your body. Choose between one-size-fits-all vests or adjustable types. It would be wiser to choose vests which have customizable weights. Too much weight on the vest could take you off balance which might lead to injuries.

Burns fat faster

Spike up your metabolic rate with a weighted vest that fits you. Wear a vest during weight-lifting workout and cardio routines and improve your body’s resistance. Efforts are doubled when workouts are enhanced with the weight vests burning your fats faster. Reach your goal of a perfect body in no time.

Improves heart rate

The heart pumps more blood during workout and weight-lifting trainings. More oxygen is needed by the body during strenuous workout thus allowing the heart to adjust to intense training. Please be reminded to check all the weight packets loaded into the vest before wearing it. Both the inner and outer body benefits from the long-term effect of the weighted vest. It’s like training your mind, heart and other involved vital organs to adopt your training. You don’t get tired quickly anymore during workout or even after hours of doing weight lifting or even household chores.

Brands of weighted vests

There are several brands of weighted vests available on the market right now. We narrowed it down to 10 best brands to help you choose the best depending on durability, fit, size, safety features and design. The list shows some of the pioneer brands that expertise in creating and designing equipment and tools in the field of physical fitness for many years. Check the list below and get a chance to get big discounts!

Things to consider when buying weighted vests

Weighted vest is basically an enhancement equipment to boost physical activities such as running, weight lifting, cross fit exercises and many more. There are many things to consider when buying a perfect weighted vest such as the fit, design, feature, the weight limits but the most important of them all is your safety. Wearing the wrong weighted vest can cause major injuries or even fracture. For beginners, it is advisable to avail a vest which weighs 10% of the wearers’ weight.

Why should I consider your list, why not settle for cheap ones?

Your safety is all that matters. Cheap weighted vests are usually made of substandard materials which can be inconvenient at times especially during your training and workout routines. Imagine jogging with a cheap vest and suddenly a pocket torn up. The steel weights from the torn pockets can cause serious injuries to you and even the people around you. We always have to make sure that materials used on the vests are of premium quality. There are vests on the list which are less expensive and available on Amazon.

How to clean your weighted vest

Keeping you weighted vest fresh and clean is could be done easily.

These are some step to make you want to use your vest again:

1) Remove weights before deep cleaning. Make sure that the bags and iron packets are removed before the cleaning process.
2) Fill a basin with lukewarm water and detergent. Avoid using whitening detergents. It could cause discoloration to your lovely vests.
3) Clean your vest with a brush especially on the armpit area and parts of the vests which touches the sweaty areas of your body directly.
4) Rinse the weighted vest thoroughly.
5) Hang the vest properly and have it air dried.

It would be better to clean you vest quickly after using it than having to repeat the steps 1-5 over and over again. Using the washing machine to clean your vest isn’t advisable since some parts of the vest could be torn or even ruining your machine for it could cause damage on the machine and the vest itself.


Weighted vests are now considered to have an essential part in our everyday physical activities. There are several weighted vests available locally and online but there are a lot of things to consider especially for beginners. Weighted vests were used in military training for soldiers. Boosting their strengths, stamina, endurance and agility. But even as civilians came to adapt to this kind of training. Revolutionizing, innovating and customizing the training weight vest allowed as integrating a simple military training tool to our daily lives. Weighted vest can have a therapeutic effect on kids with autism and avoid bone problems especially to women. Weighted vest could be used in so many ways and be used by people of all walks of life. Use it on both basic and extreme training. Reach your perfect body in no time and stay healthy with the weighted vest.

Simply correcting your posture with the help of weighted vests can boost our mental and physical health. A person with a healthy mental and physical will have a positive effect not only to himself/herself but also to the people around him.

So, what are you waiting for? Re-visit the list and starting buying now!

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