Does running with a weight vest make you faster?

A weighted vest is a tool used for exercising to challenge the body and intensify workout routines. Weighted vests are available in different styles and materials. Most of the vests are made of strong nylon with the elastic velcro straps. They come with an adjustable and removable design for the weights.

Weighted vests can be used for so many workouts, from walking, running, CrossFit, calisthenics and even activities like climbing.

Using a weighted vest appropriately can burn additional calories and fat in the body. It also helps in building muscles, improve bone health, balance and coordination.

By wearing a weighted vest while running, you eventually increase the cardiovascular demands of the workout. This cardiovascular density increment can be high or low based on the weight you put on your vest.

Wearing a weighted vest while exercising enhances the weight throughout your legs. Using a very heavy vest can lead you to injuries.

To avoid possible injuries, go for lighter weights and slowly add increments as you work out. The appropriate weight for beginners must only be 10% of your body mass.


The extra weight put on your body while running can increase endurance and strength in the lower body. You can notice the difference when performing the same activities without the weighted vest.

By wearing a weighted vest, you build strong muscles and bones. Running with extra load can stimulate osteoblasts cells, as a response to the added demand on the skeleton, to increase bone mass.

Using the Vest

Wearing a weighted vest while doing sprints increases the intensity of your workout. Weighted vests come in different styles, the regular form with already stitched weights, and the adjustable weighted types. The total weight of the vest also varies from a minimum of 6pounds up to 40 pounds. To get a comfortable exercising session, you have to select the right weight vest that suits your needs. Remember not to increase weights abruptly when wearing a weighted vest. If you add the weight too much it may affect sprint mechanics. A weighted vest can also be helpful in stair running, and similar workouts to improve the speed.

For the Results

ACSM says wearing a weighted vest while working out gives resistance to movements during work out. A weighted vest can be integrated into exercises such as jumping, running, and sprinting which are helpful to improve speed, power, strength, and resistance.

The weighted vest also has its own limitations. The added weight is applied to your upper body only.

In time, you can notice an increase in strenght, speed, and endurance while using a weighted vest. A study shows that weighted vest can increase sprint time on a 30 and 10-meter sprint. The weighted vest can influence the starting phase or acceleration of the sprint.

Your sprint time may increase if you start training without the weighted vest. Your speed increases as your leg muscles gain more strength and better endurance.

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